Hello, How do I go about finding out name of a ship of a relative's arrival? In order to check Passenger lists in Record Search,? I have tried just looking in Name Search, but am often re-directed to include the name of ship and arrival year. Not sure whether I may be missing something or on the wrong track.

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Hi Katerina,

If you don't know the name of the ship, your best bet may be to try using the Passenger Arrivals Index in RecordSearch. That will allow you to search by name, year etc. This said, the index isn't comprehensive but it does cover a lot of arrivals into Australia by ship and air, particularly for the period 1945-1972.

Another option would be search (using the Basic search or Name Search) for other immigration records that may relate to your relative. These often give the name of the ship, either in the title of the record, or in the record itself.

If you still don't have any success, you can submit an inquiry on our passenger arrivals inquiry form.

Hope this helps,

Andrew Cairns

NAA Staff


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