I am not very good at this so bare with me i have been able to receive infor on when my family and i left england but need infor when we arrived in Melbourne as i am applying for a visa with UK passport . I am just going around in circles parents name Arthur and Mary Taylor departed england per fairsky 8 october 1960 i know the date when we arrived 6th November 1960 but need it in writing so how do i get this infor any help appreciated thank you Ann  

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Hi Ann,

Just go to http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/using/search/  and click on "seach as a guest".  When the next page comes up with a "keywords" search box just put in the words - taylor arthur fairsky 1960 - then click on "search".  It should be the first result in the list.  Click on the link in the "control symbol" column and on the next page you will see "request copy" over on the top right of the page.



thank you so much Debra i did that but it didnt give me infor i needed but i was able to sort it out kind regards Ann

Hi Ann

Alternatively, we can provide a copy of the passenger list on which your name if you put in a request using the online form at www.naa.gov.au/collection/forms/par-inquiry.aspx.  Please provide as much information as you have, and also mention in the form that you need it to prove your arrival in Australia.



(NAA staff)

Thank you so much Tonia with Debra and your help i requested a passenger list with all the details in the form so hopefully i hear from NAA soon kind regards Ann


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