How do I cite a URL to a specific item in RecordSearch?

Simple question, the answer to which eludes me.

All the URLs seem to be specific to a session and will not work subsequently.

Surely the NAA has a permalink or equivalent for each item?


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Hi Sam,

You are correct - the URLs in RecordSearch are session-specific. It is possible to create a permalink to items using the following URL template:[ItemBarcodeNumber] where [ItemBarcodeNumber] is the item's barcode number.


You can also link to a specific page in a digitised item using:[ItemBarcode]&f=[FolioNumber] where [ItemBarcode] is the item barcode number and [FolioNumber] is the folio number.


Hope this helps,

Andrew Cairns

NAA Staff

Hello Andrew

Thank you so much for that, your suggestions work a treat.

I was concerned at first that your links were http:// rather than the https:// of Record Search, but I see that the link which opens is https://

However, I have several hundred inline citations to do for my Wikibook.

Can I proceed to create all these citations with confidence that this style of link will work for decades to come?

Sam Dellit


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