I am trying to find information about a woman (born in SA 1919 died in UK 2000) who left Australia in 1967 with a child she had (unoffically) adopted at birth. The ultimate aim is to assist the adoptee (a distant blood relative of mine linked via DNA) with gathering enough information to obtain her Australian birth certificate.

In the information we have been able to gather so far, the mother was known by at least five different surnames and three different given names before she left Australia in 1967. She also lived in at least two states.

The adoptee thinks that they left Australia by ship for PNG and then Malaysia but unsure of dates or from which port.

Would the child have definitely been travelling on the mother's passport?

Apart from checking passenger cards for departures in 1966-68 under all of the possible names for the mother, does anyone have any hints about how we might go about this search? Shipping manifests are also available but it will be a very big search given the uncertainties about date/port/names.

I understand that in the 60s and earlier passports issued were entered on a register. Are these available for viewing? Not that I know for sure where or when the mother's passport was issued, or what name she would have used.

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You would need to ask the NAA for advise about available records



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