I am trying to find where my Great Great Grandparents were married so I can find out where they were born.  I am aware of 5 children from this marriage, the eldest I cannot find records for either but the other 4 were all born in Adelaide.  Help please.


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Erica,   Can you list their full names and do you have any approximate dates as the records for each time period are not all on the one disc (CD)

I will however do a quick check in South Australia to see if I can find anything



Digger - South Australian Births 1842-1906 (c) SAGHS

Surname: HINDS
Given Names: Alfred
Date: 1881-01-03
Father: John HINDS
Mother: Margaret EGAN
Birth Place/Residence: Port Adelaide
District Code: PtA
Book: 253
Page: 145

Surname: HINDS
Given Names: Margaret
Date: 1884-01-05
Father: John HINDS
Mother: Margaret EGAN
Birth Place/Residence: Queens Town
District Code: PtA
Book: 319
Page: 254

Surname: HINDS
Given Names: Mary
Date: 1870-12-20
Father: John HINDS
Mother: Margaret EGAN
Birth Place/Residence: Nile St
District Code: PtA
Book: 90
Page: 257

Surname: HINDS
Given Names: Thomas
Date: 1877-12-20
Father: John HINDS
Mother: Margaret EGAN
Birth Place/Residence: Rosewater
District Code: PtA
Book: 193
Page: 257

marriage in Western Australia under different spellings


in the Australia, Marriage Index, 1788-1950

Name:          John Hindes

Spouse Name:        Margret EGAN

Marriage Place:      Albany

Registration Place: Western Australia

Registration Year: 1866

Registration Number:      2508

also listed on the WA BDM index online


two children born in Western Australia before moving to South Australia


HINDS John James 

b. 1874 Albany, WA

father John

mother Margaret EGAN

Reg. No. 16010


HINDS William

 b. 1867 Albany WA

father John

Mother Margaret EGAN 

Reg. no. 10389              


Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for the info.  The 4 younger siblings I have managed to get their details from the Archives in S.A.  I was only aware of one from W.A., not two so there is a bonus.  I will get the details in the next few days as my mother has the year of births etc.

Thanks again.

Erica,  I am not sure how much information a marriage cert from WA would have in 1866 but you might be lucky

Let's hope you can find what you are looking for - I checked Ancestry and there are no family trees listed which further information on John & Margaret

Do you need any possible marriages or deaths checked in SA for this family?


Erica, This link has info on what is on a BDM certificate in all states for various dates



Hi again Elizabeth,

Here is the following information you are after:


                                                  BORN               DIED

William                                       1867                 1919  (16/6)   Adelaide Advertiser notice - buried at West Tce

Mary                                           20/12/1870        ?                   Married John Maley 17/10/1890 at St Pats 

Thomas                                      20/12/1877

Alfred                                          1881

Margaret Ellen                            5/1/1884           25/1/1968     Buried West Tce

This is all the info I have which pretty much marries up with the other info you have.  My main quest here is to find the parents being John Hindes and Margaret Egan who were married in Albany.  I am wanting to find out if there is any Aboriginal blood in the family or if these people came out on a ship.  I have reason to believe (not a good one tho) John did but not so sure about Margaret as I have come across something about Coolgardie with her but can't find it again.  Altho there are many Johns that are burried there also.  Then again I could be running around in circles.  

Thanks again,


Erica,  I think you best bet would be to get a copy of John HINDS/Margaret EGANs marriage certificate from WA and hope it has more information to assist you

The deaths in South Australia do not list parents on the index unless it is for a child when the Father is usually listed - not sure how much info would be on their death certificates - do you know when they died?


The only thing I have on that is that it looks like Margaret (mother) and John (Child) are in the deaths register of that site you sent me.  She died at the age of 43, John, 18 in 1892.  I will order that certificate however, in the register, it states that the Father, Mother and place of birth are unknown.

Hi again,  Picking up the research again.  I have discovered to things.  Firstly, Margaret Egan who married John Hindes in 1866 was actually Margret - not Margaret.  Yes it could be a typo.  I am guessing also that the dates of birth registered were possibly nowhere near the dates they were born as are there names e.g., Margaret could have been born Mary?  

I have found a Mary Egan although her birth was registered in 1856 which would make her marriage 10 years later.  Is it possible she could have been 14+ years?  Was it possible also that they didn't marry then (even tho it was highly likely he was Roman Catholic), if she was Aboriginal?

Just picking your brain please.



Erica,  If there is no birth place or parents details on their marriage certificate I don't know how you would be able to find this information

If they were born in Australia it is very possible the births were not registered as it was not compulsory in those days

I am not sure if much info was recorded in SA for the births of the children in those early years


Erica I believe that John maley was my mother’s father. Her name was rose maley

Hi Janette, I am messing about trying to work out who is buried in my grandmother's grave in West Terrace Cemetary. and I have found this search. The grave is up for renewal and I am thinking of renewing the lease

My grandmother is Margaret Hinds who married Patrick Joseph McNamara. they are buried together (or close to!) in Catholic west  CAW section Row P Site 103,104. In 104 there is a Mary Maley died 29 October 1936 Who is Mary Hinds with or without the e, and in 104 there is a William Hynes   so the Hindes is spelt incorrectly. There are 3 siblings of the Hinds family. William died around the time of my grandfather Patrick (1919)so they are interred together. So Janet that makes us second cousins. Kind regards 


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