Help with understanding short hand on my Grandfathers WWII records


I received my Gandfathers WW records (George Bell NX45413). I have spent a long time reading through them and I am finding it difficult to understand what some of the shorthand means. Anyone know what the following mean? I appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks.

1st I T Battalion

AAMC T Depot

3rd I T Battalion

L D S Liverpool

Appointed A/C PL

embarked E S I I A

NSW MTV Stores



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Hi Penny,

You will find a glossary here

1st I T Battalion - 1st Infantry Training Battalion

AAMC T Depot - Australian Army Medical Corps Training Depot

3rd I T Battalion - 3rd Infantry Training Battalion

L D S Liverpool - Looks like CDS to me, a couple of choices there

Appointed A/C PL - It is A/CPL - Acting Corporal

embarked E S I I A - This could be a vessel code, I am not sure

NSW MTV Stores - Looks like M & V Stores so either food or Medical and Veterinary, probably the latter



Thankyou so much Debra. I appreciate the help. Thanks for the link to the glossary as well. Will check that out.




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