Hello I am looking for an archived record from UK (Ten Pound Poms) Passenger Immigration arrival record from October or November of 1964.  All the lists shown seem to end at August 1964, then restart at 1965. Specifically looking for arrival of Mr. Robert William Smith into Sydney by airplane in Oct or Nov of 1964.  His date of birth is 30th Sept, 1943. Looking to try and get copies of his arrival paperwork (he had something with a photo on it), or something which he could attach to his Australian Citizenship application, as this is required for the application to be processed.  Can anyone help ?

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Hi Angela,

Not all immigration records are indexed online so you will need to submit a Proof of Arrival form http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=ProofOfArrival.



I found my sister’s record just by doing a name search and she arrived November 1964. Maybe try again (if you havn’t already done so as I see this is an old post ) because they seem to be updating the site all the time.


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