Hello from Wales.

I was wondering if some can help me out as i'm trying to trace a Brynmor Evans 

1) when he came into the country 

2) where he was 

3) Death but i'm stumped

4 - i'm actually trying to find if there still any family there 

the link gives his service records 

WW" service record

Service Australian Army
Service Number QX44833 (Q147461)
Date of Birth 25 Sep 1908
Date of Enlistment 12 Mar 1942
Locality on Enlistment PITTSWORTH, QLD
Place of Enlistment TOOWOOMBA, QLD
Next of Kin EVANS, MARY
Date of Discharge 31 Jan 1946
Rank Corporal
Posting at Discharge 2/3 Line of Command Provost Company
Prisoner of War No
Honours None for display

Any assitance would be most welcome 

Best Regards  Rob

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Name: Brynmor Evans

Age: 17

Birth Year: abt 1909

Arrival Date: 4 Dec 1926

Arrival Place: Queensland, Australia

Ship: Moreton Bay

Ship number: 429

Title: Immigration 1922 to 1940

Item ID: 18761

Ref: IMM/223

Microfilm: Z3890



A Brynmor Evans marries a Mary Ellen Russell in Qld in 1933, but they never seem to be listed at the same address in the elec rolls


His death registration was in Qld in 1983. Parents are listed as Evan Rees Evans and Mary Bronwen Evans (same as in the 1911 UK census). In 1980 his address is in Toowoomba, so there’s a fair chance that he died there. A Jessie Braden Evans was listed at the same address (she was first listed with Brynmor in the 1972 elec roll).


Last name           Evans

First name(s)       Brynmor

Gender Male

Date of birth       Unknown

Date of death     21 December 1982

Date of burial     22 December 1982

Age at death       74 Years

Cemetery            Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery

Interment number            RSLLAW-004-0010



It has been a while .... any feedback ?

Hi Sylvia,

Yep a person living in Toowoomba got in touch with me who great aunt remembered the family ! and had said iit was quite a complex marriage ! .. She remembered him going into the army but then lost touch after that -- and thanks for the head stone. Its still a bit confusing who is grand son was who visited us in Wales 1979, while he was in the Australian Navy! also i had a email from Tony who researches and had this reply

I had  alook at my info, sorry mate, I don't have anything ref 2/3 L of C. I note your grandfather's military records are listed in the National Archives of Australia (NAA) and are closed. You can go on-line NAA.gov.au, use quick search or search, and pay some money and order his records, what they do is scan his complete file and its available on line to view, they send you an email when its ready. This is the best way to get all the info u will need, the files are his complete record of his military service, all written in hand as his career progressed, this is the best info u will get, and how we all do it in Australia. These are the records u really need and will certainly fill in the gaps.
In short, the info in your last email indicates he enlisted in the state of Queensland Australia and 2/3 L of C was a Queensland unit raised for war both serving in Australia and Overseas exact war service details I do not know at this time. These type units were raised as the Army grew during the war and not much is known about them because they were mainly garrison units that did not leave Australia; however, later in the war, Pacific theatre near Australia, some of these small units deployed overseas, also some went to BCOF and Korea but changed their names which is one reason why not much in known about them. These units served in the then remote parts of North Queensland and life would have been hard and remote but in some of the most beautiful and tropical parts of Australia, I live in one of those areas which is one of the now biggest military bases in Australia. The files from NAA.gov.au are the best and only records u will need. Good luck mate, let me know how u go and when the files are on line as I would love to have a look and maybe do a story on my website. 

Many thanks again I must admit i had a brilliant response from Loads of people from "Down under" - and to be frank better than people in the UK ! I let you know of developments 

All The best



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