Hello naa, My great grandparents came to Australia in during the 50s there names are
Antonino De Pasquale, Born 20 Jun 1910
Venera De Pasquale, Born 1 Nov 1908
Many thanks means heaps if you could give me there immigration records!!
I found my Nonno's and it brought tears to his eyes when he saw his record and told me his great story!!
Many thanks

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You can submit your request by going to the National Archives website and filling out the relevant webform.


Please provide as much information about your great grandparents arrival as possible, including their date of arrival, the ship they arrived on and which port they arrived at.

If you have not already done so, you could search our online passenger arrivals index which may give you more details of their arrival.



I can't seem to find that but I'm not to sure of what ship they came on I think antonino came 1954 and venera came in 1955 with my nonna.
Many thanks!


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