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I'm trying to track down the comings and goings of my grandmother who left my mother back in London in 1952 and travelled to Australia. I've got the ship record that states that Miss Millicent Pettit disembarked in Fremantle on the 28th Sept 1952 and it seems she was making her way to Paddington (I think in NSW) to work for the United Victuallers Association. At least that's what she's written in the 'address at destination' section. I'm a little stuck now as to how I work out when she naturalised (if she did at all) or how to trace her movements since disembarking. 

Any help would be enormously appreciated. She left my mum high and dry in an orphanage in London when my mum was only 7 and my dear mother has always been quite intrigued as to what became of her.

Thanks all, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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Aaron,  Firstly, British subjects did not need to become naturalised

I have found what appears to be a marriage for her in NSW not long after arrival

Millicent PETTIT married a John Cedric SENIOR in 1952 in NSW (marriage registered in Oberon which is a country area)


They are not listed on any electoral rolls in Australia that I can find but I did find a death in the December quarter in 1980 of a Millicent SENIOR in Barnsley (South Yorkshire, England)  This person was born on 20th October, 1891  (Free UK BDM site)

Would that fit the Millicent you are looking for?



Hi Elizabeth,

This is incredible, thanks so much. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for letting me know about the British subjects not needing to be naturalised as well. I had an email this morning from the National Reference Service who said she apparently never naturalised and was going to ask if that was unusual but evidently not. 

Given the information you provided I managed to find the source but it says PDF unavailable, I'm assuming that's the 100 years rule in effect? It's interesting that they married in the same year she arrived, especially as she arrived relatively late in the year. Presumably they didn't meet for the first time after she arrived then. I checked passenger records and he doesn't seem to have arrived on the same ship. 

I wonder if he worked at the United Licensed Victuallers Association as that's where she stated she was heading on the passengers arrival form. The current address of the Australian Hotels Association (NSW), which is the name of ULVA since 1959, is very close to the area of Paddington in Sydney and she indicated Paddington on the form. I wonder if I emailed the AHA whether they could access employment records and determine whether a John Cedric Senior ever worked there. 

Thanks again so much for helping me with this, I'm ever so grateful. If you find anything else I would be thrilled to hear from you. 

Kind regards,


Aaron,   You might want to get a transcript of the marriage to make absolutely sure it was her but it is a very unusual name so very possible

I will see if I can find out more about him but if he wasn't listed in the electoral rolls then I cannot find his occupation or where he was living

When you mentioned the PDF - did you mean the death in England of a Millicent SENIOR ?

Not sure about English records but I doubt you would have to wait 100 years to access a death record - that is usually a birth record restriction for privacy reasons  - sometimes deaths are 30 years (all depends on which country)

I will let you know if I find anything else - I am not getting notifications of your replies so I will check this thread again soon


Aaron,  I found a record that states John Cedric SENIOR was an assisted British immigrant to Australia c. 1948  - no further info as yet but still checking


Aaron,  Do you know Millicents approx. birth year and/or her parents names?

Assuming your Mother was born c. 1945 then the death in England of that Millicent SENIOR would not be her as she was born 1891


Hi Elizabeth,

This is very interesting, we have a narrative developing now! Unfortunately I haven't yet found out Millcent's parents' names, though she was born in 1924 so yes that would rule out the Millicent Senior that died in Barnsley in 1980, though that in itself is very interesting as the records you found on John Cedric Senior state that he lived in Barnsley in 1939 and was himself born in 1929, so he was 19 when he travelled to Australia with Rebecca Senior, who was born in 1904 and we'd presume was his mother, though that's not explicitly stated in the document. According to the 1939 register John Cedric Senior was born on 3rd June 1929 and lived at 36 Shop Agnes Road, Barnsley. 

If John Cedric Senior was an assisted immigrant does that mean the Australian government paid his fare to emigrate? If so, would that indicate that he was skilled in some way and had a specific job in line for when he arrived?

I'll try now and get hold of the marriage certificate. The PDF I mentioned was related to the marriage record, it said unavailable, so I've purchased the certificate just to be sure. On the search for John Cedric Senior on RecordSearch with the 1948 date brings up this information:

Item title: Senior, John Cedric [Box 28]

Series number: SP104/1

Control symbol: 1948/721

Barcode: 1582709

Access Status: Open

Price Code: Small Digital

Will this be helpful at all? I'm not really sure what the record actually concerns but I can buy it if it's helpful.

Thanks again for all your help with this.

Kind regards,


Rebecca SENIOR was John's unmarried Aunt.  Rebecca died on 10 Sep 1994 and attached are her death notices published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 12 and 14 Sep 1994.

The STAVELEY families were the children of her sister Alice who married Edward STAVELY at Drummoyne in 1911.

The death notice seems to show that John and Millicent SENIOR were still alive in 1994 but does not say where they were living.

John's father was Reuben SENIOR brother of Rebecca and Alice.  He married in 1923 to Henrietta JONES at Balmain and the two children were probably born in NSW as Reuben didn't return to the UK with his family until 1930.

John's sister Beryl married Jack MARRIOTT in 1947 in Barnsley - she would be the closed record in 1939.  They came to Australia in 1956 and didn't have any children with them.

From the first death notice for Rebecca, I believe that Marion SENIOR married John GUEST and she was the daughter of Rebecca's brother Frederick and his wife Alice HOLLING(S).

Deb,   Are you getting notifications for replies on the NAA help forum?

Mine have stopped which is a nuisance - have let them know & hope they can fix it but just wondered if you are getting them?


I do sometimes get notifications, but not always.

The usual reason that people seem to disappear in Australia is because they lived in South Australia.  I'm not talking about the high murder rate there,  ha ha, but because it is such a black hole for information.  I think that they may have both died there, John in 1997 and Millicent in 1999.


Senior, Millicent, late of 20 Lockerly Street, Elizabeth Vale,home duties, who died on 9 April 1999.


Deb.  Well I got this notification of your reply so that is good

You won't believe it but one of my group members also found them in South Australia this afternoon - I am sure Aaron will be pleased

I did check SA genealogy when they didn't appear in the ERs but nothing came up and I don't have deaths for those dates in my South Australian Digger CDs

wonderful result in any case - I have asked Aaron to read the thread on my site so he will get the latest update - I wasn't holding out much hope of finding them


Aaron,   That document on John was for his british immigration papers but not open as yet - would probably cost to get a copy of it although it might be helpful

He was an assisted british immigrant so presuming he had some skills which would probably be on his immigration documents if you got a copy

I posted about this query on my Genealogy group and have got some very interesting replies with parents details etc so if you go to this link you can read the thread to save me copying & pasting it over here  (hope you don't mind me doing this ?)




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