I am trying to trace a family member who emmigrated to Australia from Trondheim, Norway in 1899, via London. The chip S.S. Orizaba went from London 11.08.1899. Orizaba arrived Queensland 19.09.1899 and the port of arrival Maryborough 22.09.1899.

This was an Assisted immigration.


His name was Edvard Marselius Edvardsen

Born in the county Nordland, on an island called Dønna 28.07.1879.

He lived on a place called “Nordø” and he is using this name as a familyname “Nordo” on the trip to Australia.


He travelled with some friends from the same place:

- Peter Johan Jørgensen       24 yr.   (1874)

- Nikolai Zahl Johansen         26 yr.   (1873)

- Johan Arnt Nielsen              20 yr.   (1879)


I would really appreciate advice on how to trace this person or any useful hints on how to follow up my research...

My mail is: rolu1909@outlook.com

Best regards,

Roar Lundqvist

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Those 4 men might have gone via Maryborough, but it wasn't their final destination port travelling on the Orizaba.

Their final destination was Sydney: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3Q9M-CSKW-5W5B-2?cc=277...

I haven't found Edvard yet, but (very) maybe Nikolai might have worked as a sailor who ended up dying in South Australia in 1924.

Hello Sylvia!

Thank you for your quick response that pleased me!

You are right, Maryborough wasn`t their final destination port. So they went to Sydney...exciting!

Thank you for helping me with this. I`ve spent a lot of time trying to trace Edvard but it is not so easy. 

Regards Roar Lundqvist.

Hello Sylvia!

Could you please give me some suggestions on how to progress in my quest for Edvard Marselius Edvardsen (Nordo).
I am unfamiliar with the Australian archives and spend a lot of time on this without getting anywhere.
Have a nice day!
Roar Lundqvist.


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