I'm after a file that someone in England managed to find in the 'Australian Archives' and they told me the file id was WARNE FAMILY BIB ID 2264865

I've tried searching under the family name and the file does not appear (I only get one hit, and it is not it) and I type in this file reference and nothing appears then either. I'm not family with this site. I looked at an advanced search, but again this record number doesn't seem to compute. 

I'm sure it's something simple and I don't know what I'm doing, but perhaps someone could help me know where to look?

Many thanks,


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Are you sure that this info would have come from the NAA? What kind of information is supposed to be in this file? And also, what time period and location/state.


The person who found the record online is in England and said they had no trouble finding the file in the 'Australian Archives'. The papers were brought to Australia from England by a Major John Bacon (who has since died) and I was told he deposited them in the 'National Archives'. When I said I couldn't find it, they said they found it easily and gave me that reference number. The file contains letters and, I hope, photographs, from a Brighton (UK) couple named Warne who travelled in Australia 1889-1890. From what I've seen of the file numbers the NAA use it doesn't appear to be the right format for what they gave me, I must admit, but I am loath to go back to them again as I think they are annoyed with me now!

I think I found it on the site of the "National Library of Australia" :


Ahh!! Sylvia, you're wonderful! I was stuck on the 'archives' as the woman I spoke to in the UK insisted they 'went to the archives'. I never thought of the library! Thank you so much for your help. Now, I just have to get to Canberra to look at them!! (I'm in Tasmania). I'll enquire through my library to see if an inter-library loan can be organised between their reference sections. I feel I owe you a drink! Thanks again Sylvia.

Glad I could help .... After all that confusion I hope it will assist your research :-)


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