Dear NAA,  I have been using NAA archives for World War I soldiers since 2012, and the recent update has caused me endless delays. I can no longer get an enlarged view, or a Print review, and it takes ages to download one page (about 4 minutes).

then when I try to print, I get the side column on every page, and it wants to print onto three pages instead of one page, and the writing is so small it is impossible to read.

the Multiple page option, is of no use, as it is so small, I cannot see anything on it. the list of pages, does not give numbers either, so even if one knew the page number one wanted, one cannot find the correct page without looking at every page.

As I still have a number of soldiers to check for my various WWI projects;

Hungerfords in WWI - 120 soldiers and nurses

Dubbo District School Honor roll - 241 soldiers

Dubbo District Honor roll - maybe 800 men, still searching for details

the changes and delays are very frustrating.

thanks you, Lesley Abrahams


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I must agree with you, the old format was so much easier to navigate and read. 

Hi Lesley,

Thank you for your feedback. Below are a few tips to assist you with the new display of digital images.

Enlarged view
To get an enlarged view, you need to select the image and then select zoom, or the magnifying glass symbol with a plus inside.


The print functionality will be added shortly (using PDF). At the moment, and as in the previous version, you can only print one page at a time.

Multiple page option

The multiple page view are thumbnail images of the actual page. If you hover of each image, a page number will display. If you click on the thumbnail of the page, it will open in the large / zoom view to enable you to read it

A large number of soldiers to check.

If you need to print a large number of records, you may want to contact the Archives to request a quote. You can also use the - Discovering Anzacs website to print

I hope this assist. If you have any further questions please let me know.


Leslie (NAA staff)



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