All efforts to locate Harry's birth and marriage details have failed.  Born c1896/7, Kilmore Victoria, died Deniliquin 1971 aged 74.  I can trace him through electoral rolls in Kilmore to 1931.  He then appears in 1943 in Deniliquin, married.  No confirmations can be found.  Can anyone please suggest how to proceed through the brick wall.  The Historical Society in Kilmore suggested the National Archives but I'm unsure of the process.


Death certificate records Michael (who died in 1887) as his father and Elizabeth (who died in 1916 aged 74) as his mother (probably grandparents).  Were all births required to be registered?


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Hi Maureen

The National Archives of Australia does not hold records of births, deaths or marriages. As this is a state government responsibility, these records are held by the relevant state or territory government Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Contact details for these registrars are given on the enclosed Fact Sheet 89 (

I'm afraid I don't know the registration requirements of each jurisdiction, but if you contact the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Victoria, they should be able to help you with more details



(NAA staff)

Saw your enquiry and found Harry Joseph Whelan died and buried at Deniliquin Cemetery.  Enquiries can be made at :

Deniliquin Family History Group Inc

PO Box 144

Deniliquin.  2710  NSW

Hope this helps



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