looking for my grandfather, Emmerson Alderson Smith, born 1914 England. We believe  he came to Australia in 1957, he was a seaman and we think he jumped ship in Fremantle. i have found a record that a Emmerson Alderson Smith was classed as a British deserter. However, i cannot access any records from that. Is there any other searches can do to see if this is the person I'm looking for.....Thankyou

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Where did you find the record that he was classed as a deserter?

(Note: He is definitely working as a fireman on various ships in the thirties and forties. I'd previously looked for him in Australia as well, but without any probable hits. Could he have changed his name and/or left Australia? )


P.S. I don't think that ir is a good idea to duplicate questions. Stick to this one for now. You can always add a comment to bump it to the top of the list.

Hi Sylvia, i have found out on this site that says Emmerson Alderson Smith was classed as a British Deserter.

Its interesting the information you have given here and would like to know where you found it.

thank you


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