I am searching for the Country/place of birth of my Grandfather and I can only find his naturalisation record. Where can i go from here ?

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Hello Brian

Did you find your grandfather's naturalisation record by conducting a search on RecordSearch, or have you purchased a copy?  If you have just found mention of the naturalisation record on RecordSearch, you have just found the basic identifying information about the record - much like the book reference information on a library catalogue.  You will find more information on your grandfather by viewing the record.  You can either visit the National Archives reading room where the record is located (see the 'Location' field on the item description) or you can purchase a copy of the record by clicking on the 'Request copy' link on the item details screen (see http://forum.naa.gov.au/forum/topics/purchasing-digital-copies-onli for more information).




(NAA staff).


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