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Port Of Arrival

Date of arrival

Giovanni Marciano Born 28/06/1923

Maria Marciano Born 03/01/1920

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I have been trying to find this information on National Archives database but unclear in what I found. Can you find answers to questions I asked about Giovanni and Maria?

Giovanni Marciano arrived in Melbourne on 9 Oct 1949.

Passenger List of the “Toscana” when it arrived in Fremantle on 4 Oct 1949 (page 9) :

Alien registration documents (incl marriage to Luigia):


His future wife Luigia Verdura b 1935 arrived in Melbourne on 18 Jan 1955.

Passenger List of the “Roma” when it arrived in Fremantle on 12 Jan 1955 (page 15):


I don’t know whether this is the correct person, but a Maria Marciano b 1920 and a Grazia Maria b 1949 arrived in Melbourne on 6 July 1955.

Passenger list of the “Sydney” when it arrives I Fremantle on 1 July 1955 (page 10):

Thanks Sylvia. Anything come up on Maria Marciano?

What do you mean? Besides the passenger list?


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