Hello everyone,

I am currently doing research into German POWs in Australia. I am trying to locate the names of two prisoners in particular, both who I believe were at Holdsworthy camp, and were most likely deported in 1919. Both are buried at the Kranji War Cemetery in Singapore, but there is almost no information about them and, I believe, one of the names is incorrectly spelled.

Could anyone please tell me where/how i might b able to access the deportation lists, or even the prisoner lists at Holdsworthy?

Look forward to hearing from anybody.

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Hi Dale,

You may want to have a look at the file below, which has been digitised and contains various lists of POWs and internees and details of their repatriation or deportation.

War Internees and Deportees 1914-1919
Contents date range
1920 - 1943
Series number
Control symbol
C18000 PART 1
NAA: A367, C18000 PART 1
Item barcode

You can view the digital copy of this file via this link: http://www.naa.gov.au/go.aspx?i=62050&f=1

Hope that helps,

Andrew Cairns

NAA Staff


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