I welcome information on any passengers on the voyage to Melbourne Australia aboard the "Georgic" which berthed in Melbourne in January 1949.

Thank you.

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Dear Doreen,

I have located the incoming passenger list for the Georgic arriving in February 1949.

You will be able to view the digital copy via the following link.

Incoming passenger list Georgic 6 Feb 1949


Leslie (Archives staff)

Many thanks Leslie for the information.

I was a young child on board the Georgic.  I have in my possession a professional photograph of myself dressed in a kilt and a young lad who was also dressed in a kilt, tartan socks and a hat.  I believe the photograph selected us two as we were dressed in kilts.  The young lad was not known to my family.  I anticipate that he would now be aged in his mid to late 70's.

I am hoping that I can find out the name of the lad.

Perhaps a fellow contributor to the site may be able to assist.

Sincere thanks



We actually arrived in the Port of Melbourne on January 10,1949.



You look lovely!!


I won't name him here as he may still be living.  His family were going to Sydney.

I don't know why the father isn't here, but he was onboard:


Here is the list into Fremantle - page 66


Doreen, his Mum died the following year in 1950 and the family returned to Scotland in 1951 on the 'Strathaird'.


Their address was 26 Seafield Drive, Ayr.

I am overwhelmed with the information & links that you have sent me.

I was oblivious to the fact that the photograph in question was in a Newspaper.

A photograph of my brother & myself arriving in Melbourne was on the front page of the Melbourne Sun Newspaper.  I purchased the article & had the entire page converted to a framed poster and proudly have on display in my home.

I shall enquire as to how I can purchase the article that you located.

You have filled in a missing gap for me.  I am sincerely grateful for all your assistance.

Many thanks.

When you open the newspaper page have a look on the left hand side of the OCR text and you will see a line of symbols and one is a shopping cart (when you hover over it is says 'buy').  Just click on that and follow the links to Copies Direct.

Thank you for the information.

I have now placed an order to purchase the entire page.

Hopefully, I will soon have a "pigeon pair".

Your assistance throughout this research has been sincerely appreciated.

Thank you.


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