My father Geoffrey Stephen Hall arrived in Australia in 1947 from England. I believe it was some time between March and October. How do I search to find the ship and date he arrived?

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Gillian,   Do you have a birth year for your Father so I can check the records I have to see if he is listed

Do you know which state he arrived in?


He was born in 1902. He would have travelled between March and September 1947. I don't know which state he arrived in, but he was living in QLD in November 1947.

Gillian,  I hope this is the correct one

Fremantle WA Passenger List – Reel 095 Nov – ship “Asturias”

Cabin 391 has F/Lt Geoffrey Stephen Hall age 45 married an Engineer – 137485 Demob5(AM) disembarked Sydney c/o Comm Bank of Aust, George St Brisbane.

His file on NAA has that he was in Burma Oct 43 to Oct 44, USA from Oct 44 tp March 46, then 8 months in UK – he resigned from Reserves when he was in Qld in 47

. --------------------------------------- On Ancestry, Fremantle WA Passenger List 1897-1963 – ship “Asturias”, voyage 108/8 has that they embarked at Southampton 21 & 22 May 1947, arriving at Fremantle 15 June 1947, his destination for disembarking Sydney There are a couple of trees on ancestry that have photos and certificates if you need more info.

I can also check for a photo of the ship if needed (no guarantees )


PS  F/Lt would mean Flight Lieutenant I presume????  does that fit?

Yes, that's him. How wonderful. He was a Flight Lieutenant. So he disembarked in Sydney.

I have a tree on Ancestry - Hall (GBK) - and have some details there.

He and my mother had their first child, Peter, in Feb 1947. Geoff had enlisted from Panama and so was offered free passage to any Commonwealth country. He chose Australia. And apparently he left in May.

My mother and the baby didn't leave till October on SS Esperance Bay - a passenger ship that was refitted after use as a troop ship. Unfortunately, baby Peter was frail and got pneumonia on the ship. He died the day the ship docked in Melbourne and is buried there. I guess that my mother had intended to disembark in Sydney and then travel to Brisbane to join Geoff. Instead there was the funeral in Melbourne.

Thank you SO much for finding these details. It is the beginning of our family line in Australia. Both are dead now, but there are two daughters, four granddaughters, and eight great grands so far planted in Australia.

A ship photo would be a bonus!

Thank you, thank you, Elizabeth.


Gillian,  There is a photo of the ship on the following links

That story is very sad and not a good start to life in Australia

Pleased I had the right one as there were a couple of possibles on the immigration records


Marvellous. Thank you for spending the time to help me.

Best wishes,


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