I would love to know much more about my Ex-Father -in-law, (deceased in 1970) Lewis James Clinch (ex.2475 Corporal Lewis Clinch) who enlisted at Casino, New South Wales on April 26th. 1915. I believe he was in a light horse regiment (but don't know which one), and fought at Gallipoli and the Somme. On his discharge on March 20th. 1919 he was serving in the 3rd. Trench Mortar Battery.  I will send photos of him at a later date.

Any details regarding his army record would be most welcome.

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Hi Judith

Sorry I didn't notice Georgie had already helped you find the file.  Glad you found it!  If you are having trouble with the abbreviations on the file, see http://www.naa.gov.au/collection/explore/defence/abbreviations.aspx




Hi Judith,

You might also be interested in looking at records of the units Corporal Clinch served with.  For example, unit war diaries are available for viewing on the Australian War Memorial's website:


9th Infantry Battalion

3rd Light Trench Mortar Battery


There's also a published history of the 9th Battalion, titled, "From Anzac to the Hindenburg Line: the history of the 9th Battalion, A.I.F." by Norman K. Harvey.  Originally published in 1941, it was reprinted in 2009 and you can buy it at various book stores both in Australia (e.g. Regimental Books) and in the UK (namely Naval and Military Press).



Craig Tibbitts
Senior Curator
Official & Private Records
Research Centre
Australian War Memorial

Many thanks Craig, I will certainly have a look at these.


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