I would love to know much more about my Ex-Father -in-law, (deceased in 1970) Lewis James Clinch (ex.2475 Corporal Lewis Clinch) who enlisted at Casino, New South Wales on April 26th. 1915. I believe he was in a light horse regiment (but don't know which one), and fought at Gallipoli and the Somme. On his discharge on March 20th. 1919 he was serving in the 3rd. Trench Mortar Battery.  I will send photos of him at a later date.

Any details regarding his army record would be most welcome.

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Hi Judith,


Here is a link to Mr Clinch's nominal roll.




Judith, have you checked out the digitised copy of his WW1 enlistment here on National Archives website?

Yes thank you.
Hi Georgie, Many thanks for your reply, I was delighted to have his embarkation roll, it's quite amazing what you can find out from so many years ago. Do you know if you can get his Army service record?

I'm glad I could help.

I'm not sure if you have looked at the whole document - it is actually 47 pages! At the top of the screen you can see that it says page 1 of 47. It has a lot of information in there including when he was taken to hospital, etc.

Unfortunately I can't find it!!!!! When I put his name in, it just comes up what I've written. I'm obviously looking in the wrong place, please help.?
Can't seem to find it.!!!
This 47 page document is found on this website by clicking "NameSearch"
Dear Georgie, yes at last I've found all the information, it was very revealing!! Many thanks for all your help.

Pleasure Judith! So glad you found what you were looking for.

Georgie :)

If you go to the National Archives website homepage:
1) click on RecordSearch
2) choose to search as a guest
3) enter Lewis James Clinch in the keywords option box and click on search (or press the Enter key)
the description of his file will display. You can then click on the 'View digital copy' link (in the Green line across the report) and you will be able to view his defence service personnel file.




Many thanks Hilary, but I have now managed to find all the information.  The National Archives of Australia are just so good, it's quite amazing what you can find out. Have now all the details of his army service from 1915 till 1919, a real find on information.


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