I am researching Leslie Haliburton FYNMORE and his brother Harry Lovelly FYNMORE for the RSL and am doing their profiles


I came across their listing on the NAA and found that they have Harry & brother Leslie as the same person which is impossible as they were brothers and both died at different times in WW1


can this record be corrected please?  How do I go about it?


B2455 FYNMORE H L             Fynmore Harry Lovell : SERN 2639 : POB Ascot Vale VIC : POE Melbourne VIC : NOK M Fynmore Henrietta
                                Access status: Open                         
                                Location: Canberra                         
1914 - 1920 4001671
B73 R51589             FYNMORE, Leslie Haliberton [aka Harry Lovell] - Service Number - 628, 2639
                                Access status: Open                         
                                Location: Melbourne                         
1919 - 1919 21134459
MT297/14 FYNMORE/H L             Fynmore, Harry Lovell -2639B
                                Access status: Open                         
                                Location: Melbourne                         
1915 - 1920 31705595

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I would appreciate a reply from the staff at National Archives regarding the above message please

Is it possible to correct the record??


Hi Elizabeth,

Please send your request through via the following form, which is our preferred method of receiving inquiries.

General reference inquiry form

Thank you,

Leslie (Archives staff)

Leslie,   Thanks for your reply - I have already sent it through that inquiry form and got a reply but unfortunately it was about how to access and copy records which is not what I had asked about so I have sent them another email as to what the problem is with the record



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