I am interested in the history of people from my region who emigrated to Australia during the 19th century.
They left from the south-east of France, destination Forbes, Melbourne and Sydney.
The digital archives of the N.A.A often begins only in the early 1900s. It is therefore very difficult to find traces of our ancestors (census, passport, arrival at the port, properties ...).

I am interested in any information relating to my research. Thank you in advance and happy holiday season.

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Hi Michel,


I have been doing the same kind of stuff but for (early) immigrants from a different area of Europe and unfortunately there is no quick answer for this kind of research and no one size fits all (probably why no one had replied to your post previously).

I am willing to help you with what I’ve learned over the years, but it might be more useful if we do this away from the forum (if you are interested of course). On this forum you need to become friends before you can exchange personal messages, therefore I’ve sent you a friend request. It is up to you whether you want to accept (or not).


regards, Sylvia

Hi Sylvia,

I accepted your invitation to become a friend. Thank you for your attention to my research.




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