I’m searching informations about my great-great-grandma Francesca Patane, she was born 26 October 1888 in Fiumefreddo, Catania, Sicily, Italy.

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Alessandro,  Did she come to Australia and if so do you know what state she lived in?

what sort of information are you looking for?

This might be her Naturalisation Papers on NAA Record Search?



Her name was FrancescA Messina (born Patane), maybe she has lived in Brisbane, with her son Francesco Messina (born 12 February 1911 in Calatabiano).

Alessandro,    Do you know Francescas parents names?   that may help track down her death if she died in Australia - there are several with the same name on the Electoral Rolls but she would only be on them if she had been naturalised

What was her husbands name?

There is a possible death in NSW in 1954 - parents are Guiseppe & Maria - do those parents names match?


No, her husband name was Santo Messina. Her parents were Francesco Patanè and Giuseppa Scuderi.

Is this another child of Francesca?

A Salvatrice Gangemi died on 6 Feb 1953 at Babinda (Qld) at the age of 38 years. She was born in

Caltabiano (Catania) as the daughter of Santo Messina & Francesca Patane,  was married to Salvatore Gangemi and had a son Vince.

Salvatrice seems to have arrived in 1949 on the Ugolino Vivaldi and had applied for naturalisation in 1950.

Yes, she was. Can you send me this documents on my e-mail? alessandro.ciao457@gmail.com
There was other two Francesca’s children in Australia, Francesco Messina e Giuseppa Messina.

You can find the information for Salvatrice in the newspapers here: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/result?q=%22salvatrice+gangemi%22


This is Francesca’s 1956 passenger list. She seems to be travelling with her daughter. http://soda.naa.gov.au/record/30139644/10   

In 1962 Francesca can still be found on that same address in Collingwood, VIC in the electoral rolls. This means that she must have have become an Australian before then. There’s a Francesco on the same address. I assume that he’s the son. FYI In the 1950's and 1960's Collingwood was a rough and poor area.

In 1968 and 1972 Francesca and Francesco are living in Pascoe Vale, VIC, but in 1977 Francesco is still living at the same address, but Francesca is not listed anymore. According to a tree on Ancestry, she would have died in Italy, but I can’t confirm this as the outward passenger lists are barely available yet.


According to this same tree daughter Giuseppa married a Vincenzo Ganguzza. If this is correct, then here is their burial information:

Cemetery: Fawkner Memorial Park

Area: Non-Denominational

GISLocation: FA-NON*ZZ***1476                                                     


BurialNumber: 552953



DOD: 29/08/1992

Age: 65 Y

ServiceDate: 3/09/1992

Service Type: Interment                              


BurialNumber: 552954



DOD: 14/01/1995

Age: 78 Y

ServiceDate: 19/01/1995

Service Type: Interment                              


Apparently there was another sibling who died in the USA, but I’m not sure what you already know as you’ve only been drip feeding information to us. If you want more information, you’ll need to state exactly what you are still after.



Thank u for all this informations. My family don’t remember a sibling in USA. Can you give me other informations about him?

I had a look, but I think the family tree on Ancestry might contain a number of mistakes!

This is guy that they are talking about: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/29356524 . I can’t prove it, but I suspect that this person was born in Massachusetts as the son of Santo and Angelina Messina. I’ve also got a bad feeling re Giuseppina Ganguzza as her 1926 birth date is so much later than the 1911/4 dates of the other 2 siblings. But only you can tell us the correct birth date for GIUSEPPINA!


To be very honest I am now starting to doubt whether I’ve got the correct Francesca as there are no ages listed anywhere !! She could be right, but I would have expected an earlier immigration and residence in Brisbane: On the NAA site there is the entry “MESSINA, Francesca [nee PATANE] - 16 October 1888” “Location Brisbane”. This is the only reference that is 100% correct. There is a file with hopefully more information, but it isn’t online yet. And, the NAA will charge $69 to scan it.


It is incorrect.
My great-grandpa had a brother called Salvatore. Salvatore Messina died in Sicily, and he is buried with my great-grandparents.
Have u found anything about uncle Francesco, Aunt Giuseppa and my great-grandma Francesca in Australia?

What is Giuseppa's birth date/year, so we can be a bit more sure that it is the right person?


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