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I want to know when this person enlisted, when he was discharged and whether he was in the CMF or the regular army. Record Search gives none of that but does give Service Number [V335639] DoB I[12-04-1913] etc. I suppose "Access status Not yet examined" is ominous? [BTW I think he enlisted in 1942, served in Qld and NSW Army depots and was discharged in 1947]

Thanks Paulg52 

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Discharge was from Heidelberg Mil Hospital in Dec 1945: https://nominal-rolls.dva.gov.au/veteran?id=604091&c=WW2



Re. World War II Army and Air Force service records (Series B883, B884, A9300 and A9301)

"The National Archives will digitise all records in these series by June 2023. Records will be progressively added to RecordSearch as they are digitised and will be available free of charge. If you wish to digitise a record in advance, please select ‘continue’ to order an online copy. We aim to make that copy available within 90 business days of receiving your paid request."

If you can't wait, it will cost you abt $36 to have it digitised...

Many Thanks, Sylvia

I assume enlistment was in 1942 when conscription started as he did not volunteer.

Re digitising: I will have to check with my mate Ron Fisher [Arthur's son] for whom I made the enquiry. 



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