My father served with the 2/2 machine gun battalion 1940 -1944 he served in Egypt & New Guinea , I  have pictures of him as a seargant he was discharged as a private ,he was also court marshaled i would like to get his complete war record to get all the details.

Can these be obtained without paying for them, as I beleive they shoul be made avaliable to family

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Hello Leigh


The National Archives holds the service records for soldiers who served in World War I and World War II.  You can purchase a copy of your father's service record.  To do so:

  • Conduct a search in NameSearch ( using his family name, and the 'World War II' category of records.
  • As there were many soldiers who served in WWII, you will need to refine your search using his given name and/or service number. 
  • Once you have located the item details for your father's service record, click on the 'Request copy' link Select ‘Continue’.  Choose the type of copy you would like ‘Printed copy’ or ‘Digital copy’ and select 'Update basket'.  If you have more than one item to order click on ‘Back to search results’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ and follow the instructions displayed.

You mention he was court martialled.  You can also conduct a search for his court martial records in NameSearch by selecting the 'Court martial records' category.  To order a copy of these records, follow the procedure outlined above.  If you cannot find your father's court martial records, you can submit a reference inquiry using the form

A charge does apply for copies of any record in the National Archives' collection.  The Archives does not charge for access to original records in its public reading rooms. 

The charges levied by the Archives, as provided for by in the Archives' legislation, merely go towards covering some of the costs of making the copies and the we do not profit from them. Our copying charges represent the costs to the Archives to retrieve from the repository, copy, package, and dispatch records.




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