I was wanting to know how long it takes for National Archives to examine WWI & WWII files, as I am trying to do my family tree and have found many of my ancestors listed here, but "Access Status" is "Not Examined Yet". Any help or advice would be most appreciated.



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All WW1 records are available and have been for over 15 yrs I know of. I have looked at a lot online and printed out and purchased close family member personal records in a nice folder. Occasionally you come across some that have not been examined. I am surprised they are still not done. You pay a fee to open them. Once this record has been examined and put online it is available to anyone. I opened two.

As for WW11, I have just come on the site to look for one. Limited information is available but mine didn't have a division he served in. I was hoping to get more information They are doing a beta test by the look of it. Maybe someone else will let you


Kaye,  Try searching the Nominal Roll for the WW2 record you are looking for as it might have the information you need


If you request a WW2 file to be opened the time taken all depends on the NAA workload at the time - I had to wait many weeks to get two WW2 records last year - there is a fee involved for these unless they are already online

There was a project to put WW2 records online several years ago but for some reason it never happened (probably the cost & the man hours involved to film the huge amount of records involved)


Sorry took it for granted you would know about the WW11 Nominal roll. Once again these have been available for as many years but I thought you were looking for the full record as I am.

Dear Kaye,

Due to the large number of not yet examined items in our holdings, records are generally only examined for public release when a member of the public submits an application. In the case of WWII Army and RAAF service records, we examine the record as part of the digitisation process when you purchase a copy.

Information about how to submit an application is available at https://www.naa.gov.au/help-your-research/using-collection/access-r...

Stewart (NAA staff)


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