We are searching for Briscoe family.

George Briscoe in UK or Aus

James Briscoe georges son In Uk or Australia

William Briscoe James son

William Briscoe William son   this guy is my great grandfather.

all of these briscoe are Non Aboriginal.  Think they came from cornwell then arrived in sydney them lived in south australia .  my great grand father william (Billy) Briscoe lived and worked in the NT.


I am also looking for the marriage information of my step dad Arthur william Gibson and my Mum Lucy Briscoe in Napperby.  My stepfather wrote a letter to get permission to marry mum as she was Aboriginal.


Thank you







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Hello Rhubee

Your search is quite a broad one and is difficult to recommend a specific search you may be able to do to find family members.


For the earlier Briscoe family in the UK, you may be able to find reference to them in the UK Census - see to be able search online for census records for England and Wales from 1841 to 1911.


You may be able to find reference to the Briscoe family leaving the UK in passenger lists for between 1890 and 1960  If you can find reference to them leaving the UK, the National Archives of Australia may be able to find their arrival passenger list.  However, because these passenger lists are not online, you need to have a reasonably firm idea of when the passengers may have arrived in Australia, at which port and on what ship.


For information on your mother and step-father's marriage, you could contact the office of the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the state they were married.  The contact details for each state can be found in Fact Sheet 89  I gather they married in Napperby SA, and you may wish to browse the website of the SA Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Office at for more information.


If you are looking to find information about your step-father's request for permission to marry your mother, I recommend you contact the State Records South Australia  The contact details are:


The Manager State Records of South Australia
GPO Box 2343

Tel: (08) 8204 8791 Fax: (08) 8260 6133 

South Australian Archives Centre 26–28 Leigh Street


The National Archives of Australia may have some information on your family in the Northern Territory.  I recommend you submit a reference inquiry providing as much information as possible using the form online at



Tonia (NAA staff)


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