I've created a new, experimental viewer for digitised files in RecordSearch:


Simply put -- you supply a barcode of a digitised file in RecordSearch and the viewer will retrieve the images and display them in useful and interesting ways.

Features include:

  • Wall view -- see all the pages of a file on a single screen, with a 'lightbox' style zoom
  • Persistent links for individual pages -- easy to share
  • Flexible printing -- print a whole file or any combination of pages


This is a replacement for a userscript I created several years ago. I decided to turn it into a standalone app to give me a bit more freedom, but I've also created a couple of 'connectors' that let you jump from RecordSearch to the viewer without having to cut and paste the barcode, see:


The url structure is easy to understand if you want to create your own links manually:

http://dhistory.org/archives/naa/items/[barcode]/[page number]/ -- link to individual page
http://dhistory.org/archives/naa/items/[barcode]/ --> redirects to the first page
http://dhistory.org/archives/naa/items/[barcode]/wall/ -- view the whole file on the wall

for example:


The most exciting thing for me is just being able to link to and share an individual page. I've added the usual 'Share' buttons and included a basic comments function, but I'm hoping to expand the possibilities for annotation and use.

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Just tried it out Tim - fantastic!  So much easier to share records with people who have trouble negotiating catalogues, and being able to link to individual pages to discuss specific information is great.

Well done.



Tim,  Fantastic idea and so much easier than going through pages one by one to find what you are looking for

Thanks for sharing - it is the best thing since sliced bread

Thanks to Debra or I wouldn't never have known about this way of doing things - have passed it on to my genealogy colleagues who use the NAA site often



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