I wish to register my shock and disappointment with the method the NAA uses when charging for digitized files. I ordered one ASIO file consisting of 23 pages. Instead of being charged $39.90 (for 11-50 pages), I was charged $245.40 (101-400 pages). Why? Because EVERY file in the A6119 series (which embrace thousands of ASIO personal files) costs $245.40. Unfortunately, I paid $245.40 on the assumption it was a large file (no size was given when ordering) and have been unable to obtain reimbursement. No rationale or justification was given for this exorbitant pricing. BEWARE all researchers requesting digitization of ANY item in the popular A6119 series.

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Good news. I have just been notified by the NAA Director, Reference Services that, in future, staff processing the transfer of ASIO records into custody indicate the charge at ITEM level if the particular file does not fit the series pricing category.  this alteration to the procedure for digital copying is most welcome.

Phillip,  I understand your frustration - recently I purchased my Father & Uncles WW2 files

Price had recently been reduced as previously they were about $75 each

My fathers cost me about $37 which was a reasonable amount of pages but I was charged the same amount for my Uncles army record which consisted of only 9 pages  - absolutely rip off and I was rather upset

That is really unfair to charge the same amount for a tiny file as a bigger one - something needs to be done about the pricing as it puts people off requesting these records - I know I will never request any more as they have recently increased the price again which puts it out of the reach of many people especially pensioners & low income earners



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