I am trying to locate further information & photos of Emily Grace Walker (James) born 1881 in Carisbrook to Annie Burchell (born in SA) & Job James. She married George William Walker in Bendigo in 1910, had 4 girls & passed away in 1919 possibly from the flu in Preston. Any information about her, her siblings, parents etc would be appreciated.

Thank you :)

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Naomi,   This is the parents marriage

Digger - Pioneer Index. Victoria 1836-1888

Surname: JAMES
Given Names: Job
Event: Marriage
Spouse Surname/Father: BURCHALL
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Annie
Birth Place: MERTHYR TYDVIL (for Job)

Birth Place: ADELAIDE, SA (for Annie)
Year: 1879
Reg Number: 1537

Job & Annies deaths

Digger - Edwardian Index. Victoria 1902-1913
Surname: JAMES
Given Names: Job
Event: Death
Spouse Surname/Father: James Benj
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Margt DAVIES
Age: 55
Death Place: Yarra Jn
Year: 1908
Reg. Number: 15771
Digger - Death Index. Victoria 1921-1985
Surname: JAMES
Given Names: Annie
Father: Burchall Thomas
Mother: Het  WEBB
Death Place: IVANHOE
Age: 93
Year: 1952
Reg Number: 169
Event: Death

What information do you need on Emilys siblings?

Found this link which may help




Digger - South Australian Births 1842-1906 (c) SAGHS

Given Names: Annie
Date: 1858-10-10
Father: Thomas BURCHELL
Mother: Harriett WEBB
Birth Place/Residence: Nr Mount Barker
District Code: MtB
Book: 14
Page: 509


Naomi,   Siblings for Emily Grace

Surname: JAMES Given Names: Annie Mabel Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: Job
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Anne BURCHELL
Birth Place: ALEXANDRA
Year: 1880
Reg Number: 19887

Surname: JAMES Given Names: Thomas Benjamin Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: Job
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Annie BURCHILL
Birth Place: MARY
Year: 1883
Reg Number: 18035

Surname: JAMES Given Names: Margaret Harriet Ethel Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: Job
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Annie BURCHALL
Birth Place: AC HE
Year: 1885
Reg Number: 7106

Surname: JAMES Given Names: William John Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: Job
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Annie BURCHELL
Birth Place: ACHE
Year: 1886
Reg Number: 23248

Naomi,  I also have found info on Thomas BURCHELL and Harriett WEBB if you need it incl. their marriage details & a list of all their children


Naomi,  Can you please reply to this thread as I have further information for you

thank you


Hello Elizabeth. I have just seen your previous replies.! Thank you so much and sorry for the lateness. I do appreciate what you have supplied me with.

Naomi,  Thanks for getting back to me - I had sent a friends request but it hadn't gone through to you for some reason

If you need more info about Thomas BURCHELL and Harriet WEBB please let me know as I have their marriage etc



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