I am looking for her family of origin - without much success - can anyone help

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Judith,  I have done some more wildcard * searches of the Digger Indexes in Victoria with no results but when I did another one in Tasmanian Pioneers I found the following which just might be a co-incidence but you never know

There are so many errors on these indexes so not sure if the WOOD should be HOOD or the other way around - worth checking out just in case?

Digger - Tasmanian Pioneer Index 1803-1899

Event: Birth
Father/Spouse Surname: PERCY RICHARDSO
Mother/Spouse Given Names: HOOD ELIZABETH
Day: 03
Month: 3
Year: 1878
Sex: F
Registration Place: LONGFORD
Registration Number: 1035/1878
Reference: RGD 33


Surname: WOOD
Event: Birth
Father/Spouse Surname: PERCY
Mother/Spouse Given Names: HOOD ELIZABETH
Day: 08
Month: 11
Year: 1881
Sex: F
Registration Place: CAMPBELL TOWN
Registration Number: 276/1881
Reference: RGD 33

What do you think?


what to do I think?  as you say there were many mistakes when transcribing - would say at a guess this is the second daughter of Percy & Elizabeth Hamilton -

I spoke with my old friend Pat (who is a granddaughter of Elwyn Elizabeth) - she has fading health and I promised her I would try and find this 'elusive'  Grandma Heazlewood's origin.  she said she doubted EE was born in Longford - as the family stories always were 'born in Melbourne lived in Sydney' - never ever a mention of Longford - which may I add is near Hagley Hall

Westbury - the homestead and property of the Heazlewoods- the Heazlewoods have been very well researched - large family (I think a  book was written)

I  have been thinking maybe if EE was born out of wedlock - her mother Elizabeth Unknown  never recorded father's name at birth - then that would be impossible to find her.    Only later on marriage certificiate was father given a name - and it was needed to sound respectable marrying into the well-respected Heazlewoods.

May 15 2009  Sharon ballards 1 72 mentions EE asked for copy of will for Elizabeth Isabella Hood/Hall/Forster  -   I should try and find more about Elizabeth Isabella Hood  - Why would EE request copy of will unless somehow connected.

Judy  ps  really appreciate your support 


Judy,  Yes I also thought it was possible that Elwyn was born illegitimate but I also did wildcard search for that birthname & many other variations in Victoria which would have covered those possibilities /births registered in St Kilda and anything else I could think of

It is also possible she was adopted out & had a name change

It is also possible that she thought she was born in St Kilda and wasn't - my husbands father always said he was born in Spencer, Hawkesbury River, NSW and when he died we got his birth certificate only to find he was actually born in Paddington Womens Hospital in Sydney - he had no idea during his life but he did live at Spencer later on when he was about 8 years old

I really hope you can work this one out - I havn't given up yet


I have put a new request - asking for info on Elizabeth Hood/Hall/Forster - whose Will Elwyn Heazlewood ordered.   there has to be some connection surely. 

regards Judy

Judith,  Sorry just noticed this as didn't get a notification again of your reply

I have checked our Elizabeth Isabella/Jane HOOD

She married William Lewis HALL in 1875 in Victoria - he was from Boston and she was b. Melbourne according to marriage index

Children born in Victoria -registered in Hotham

1. William Lewis b. 1879

2. Georgina May b. ?  died 1881 Melbourne aged 1 year

3.  Emily Augusta Matilda b. 1878

so I can't see how she could be Elwyns Mother - apparently her husband died and she remarried as a widow in Sydney according to the family member who posted the original query but then changed her name to Edith  - I can't find her death under the FOSTER surname

I will investigate further re: this family and see if I can find anything more


Judith,   This appears to be Elizabeths birth - there are several births for this couple on the mothers surname is also listed as HOOD on some of the births - not sure if that is actually her maiden name or not

I can't find any marriage for the parents in Victoria - could be anywhere

Digger - Pioneer Index. Victoria 1836-1888

Surname: HOOD
Given Names: Elizabeth Jane
Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: Robert
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Matilda (HOOD)
Birth Place: MELB
Year: 1857
Reg Number: 19635
Denomination: Church of England
Fiche: 311

There is always the possibility that Elizabeth gave up her two remaining children after her husband William Lewis HALL died and if the daughter was adopted out her name may have been changed (date fits)

Strange that she then went to Sydney and remarried & changed her Christian names - must have been trying to hide something I think

Something to think about?


thanks for all of this info -  I also have researched more thru Fische BDMs at State Library  - all a bit coincidental but  - i.e. dates names locations fit  -  agree totally name change sounds like hiding something and that something could have been leaving a child/children behind!   Your theory could well be right. the last child I found on Fische was  Wm Lewis Hall born 1879  - nil in 1880  however!!  (that's according to the BDMs)

Elizabeth I. Forster died 1927 at Woollahra -  then somehow over the years around 1932 Elwyn Heazlewood ordered a copy of Elizabeth's Will  - I can only conclude she thought Elizabeth could have been her mother - if this is the case then Elwyn didn't know her mother??

as I mentioned  earlier  - there is a F.W.Forster at 'Forsters Htl' - Castlereagh Street -1886 - onwards.  I haven't managed to get much sense from the Census as to who lived there at Hotel.  Will keep trying.

thanks again for your help  truly appreciated   Judy   ps I wonder how Wiliam Lewis died  - was it foul play?  Or is my imagination going too far?

so if Elwyn was 'fostered out'  it could have been to a Hamilton family - hence the names Hood/Hamilton!!

Judith,  There is nothing showing up in the Victorian Inquests CD for a death of a William Lewis HALL - I did read in a Trove article there was an insolvency hearing for a man with the same name but not sure if it was him or not (from memory about 1880)

I think there are two William Lewis HALLs just to confuse us

I can't find the death listed for this Elizabeth/Edith FOSTER in NSW BDM Index - do you have a rego number?

I really feel that there is a connection to your Elwyn but proving it is another matter

I wonder why the child Georgina Mays birth was not registered - only her death in 1881 aged 1 ?


Judith,  Just found this death in Victoria while looking around - posting in case you couldn't find it due to incorrect spellings

Digger - Death Index. Victoria 1921-1985

Surname: SYMONS
Given Names: Elwyn Edith
Father: Hazlewood Herb
Mother: Hamilton Elwyn  HOOD
Death Place: CAUL
Age: 55
Year: 1962
Reg Number: 11027
Event: Death

The Victorian BDM is now online which is much easier than using Microfiche - I am using the digger CDs which are easier as you can do wildcard searches



Edith I.Forster died 1927 Woollahra Father Robert  Mother Hood  aged 70. registration 3342.

there is certainly confusion around Edith's life  - and of course the big question why would Elwyn order copy of her Will??

Now I have just had another long chat to Pat - she remembers her Grandma Elwyn having a photo of herself and her sister Ella  -  that name is also written on the music sheets.   "Elwyn   and  Ella Hamilton"

Pat said another family story was Elwyn etc was descended from a famous English? Admiral?in the Royal Navy  - she thought Hood?   so how do I look for this gentleman  -  say he was her grandfather?  where do I start.

Could Elwyn been either born at sea/England and came out to Melbourne as a baby?   that being the case she had no birth record in Australia???

shipping records?   who knows what year they would have arrived?

what a mystery this Grandma is?     Judy


Judith,  Thinking about Elwyn - all the above theory doesn't really fit with her saying her parents names were Percy & Elizabeth on her marriage does it?

What surname did she marry under in Tasmania?

The birth in Tasmania could well be her as it all fits but this child might have been fostered/adopted and brought up in Victoria (St Kilda) and that is why she thought she was born there - some people don't know where they were born

Hopefully a member of this extended family will know the answer one day & fill in the missing bits & will save us guessing


Judith,  I am having problems finding a reply button where I need it so you you see this - I am also not getting any notifications of your replies and only just found your last one about sister Ella

I have just found an addition child for that HALL family in Victoria

William Lewis HALL was originally married to a Emily Harriet HOWE and she died young and then he married Elizabeth Jane HOOD

Found the additional child under HALL with mothers surname WOOD  instead of HOOD, but the birth was registered in the same place as the others - might be worth checking out what happened to this son - whether he took on the surname FORSTER when his mother remarried

I also found the baby Georgina buried in Melbourne cemetery with a headstone which is the same grave as Elizabeths Mother is buried (Matilda) I have a photo of the headstone if needed

These are the 3 births that I am referring to excluding Georgina Mays birth which is missing & only her death recorded in 1881 (Melbourne)

Digger - Pioneer Index. Victoria 1836-1888

Surname: HALL
Given Names: Redmond Clarence
Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: William Lewis
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizabeth Isabel WOOD 
Birth Place: HOTH
Year: 1875
Reg Number: 24412

Surname: HALL
Given Names: Emily Augusta Matilda
Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: William Lewis
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizabeth Jane HOOD:
Birth Place: HO TH 
Year: 1878
Reg Number: 3323

Surname: HALL
Given Names: William Lewis
Event: Birth
Spouse Surname/Father: William Lewis
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizabeth Jane HOOD
Birth Place: HOTH
Year: 1879
Reg Number: 23836

Maybe Redmond Clarence HALL will lead us somewhere -

UPDATE:  Just found Redmond Clarence listed on the ERs under FORSTER so it appears her children moved to NSW with her & used her married surname - well at least he did

He is listed as Redmond Clarence Hall FORSTER



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