I am looking for her family of origin - without much success - can anyone help

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Judith,  Look what I just found about Robert HOOD and Matilda his wife (Elizabeth Jane Isabel HOODs) parents

It appears to have been written by Elwyns own daughter !!!!



Judith,  Look what I just found about Robert & Matilda HOOD (Elizabeth Jane Isabel HOODs parents

It appears to have been written by Elwyns daughter !!!!


This following one is from facebook and mentions Robert & Matilda and the ship they arrived on in Melbourne


found it doing a google search for Robert HOOD who married Matilda HOOD if the facebook link doesn't work

Seems Robert & Matilda HOOD were cousins


Judith,   I have just found this notice in a Sydney paper about Elwyns marriage - didn't show up before because of the different spelling of Heazlewood - seems that Elwyn was known as Ella and not her sister

If she was known as Ella then surely she wouldn't have a sister with the same name?


Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), Saturday 15 September 1900, page 1

HAZLEWOOD -HAMILTON. –September 1, at Holy Trinity Church, Hobart, Herbert Arthur, second son of C B. Hazlewood, Grenville, Hagley, Tasmania, to Elwyn (Ella), eldest daughter of Mrs. Hamilton, of Sydney .

thanks so much  Elizabeth   this info is all amazing -  interesting! marriage notice records mother as Hamilton? certainly all a bit of a puzzle .  So Elwyn Elizabeth was known as Ella and her sister  well this another puzzle..  now as for the history of the Irish Hoods  -  I will need to really study this -  pity so many people have the same Christian names but I feel now there is some family connection to our Elwyn (Ella)and why she was so interested in Edith Forster  - that Hood history is 'mind boggling'    who is this Elwyn Soutter?  again first name Elwyn - now that's not coincidental!!

I apologise  -  I am not really familiar on using this program  - I need to read the instructions - and learn how to send messages correctly.

in the meantime Elizabeth   - both Pat and I thank you for all your invaluable help    Judy 

Judith,   I will send you a friends request including my email address as I am still not getting notifications of your replies & have to keep checking  - might be easier to communicate that way?  up to you

I thought that Elwyns daughter married a SOUTTER but I might be just imagining it !!!  there is definitely a connection isn't there?  I will have to check tomorrow as signing off for the day


I looked up Elwyn Soutter on Google  -  he appears to be an historian (Irish)   I didn't read all the article but don't believe he is a direct family connection

I think this would be much easier to use your email if you don't mind   Judy

Judith,  I have sent the request - hope you received it

just found a headstone photo for Herbert & Elwyn HEAZLEWOOD


sorry about the SOUTTER confusion - must have been something I had seen while researching yesterday - I do so many each day sometimes I get mixed up!

Hope to hear from you soon via email as it will make it easier



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