Hi everyone,

Iam trying to find a cousin of mine named "Elke Schlenkrich" born 16th March 1939 she is listed on document barcode numbers 7711981 (Series No.A2478) & 7845898(Series No.SP908/1). All I can find is that she went to Bongella migrant camp after getting off the ship "Castel Felice" at Fremantle on 15 Sep 1961 on the ship and arrived at Bongella on 21 September 1961. She boarded the ship "Castel Felice" on19 August 1961 in Germany  but can't find where she went after Leaving Bongella.

I can't locate her anywhere. I've tried electoral roles and also the whitepages but to no avail. Please help us as its only just this past week that I found her record and she is a relative of my grandmother who passed away some years ago that we never knew about.

Whatever way or help that you can give to point me in the right direction will be very appreciated.

Thank you so much,

James Brown

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