I'm having trouble finding information about my Aunt and her family who moved from England to Queensland in the 1950s
I tried immigration and naturalisation however it did not find them,I also have my Aunt and Uncle and a son on electoral registers in Queensland 1954 to 1980, now I have hit a brick wall
Is it possible to find more recent electoral roll information 1980 onwards from National Archives for Queensland please
I would be grateful for any help


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Elizabeth. just had a message from Claire
It seem Godfrey moved back to England when he was 18/19 then emigrated to Canada,and only returned to Australia for Maud funeral in 1997. This was the first time Claire met him, she may have his age wrong though, I think you found him in1963 when he would be 22 he went to live in Quebec his wife is called Gwen that is all she knows of him

Apparently Maud didn't talk about her childhood it seemed to be a secret.

Thank you again for taking so much trouble to help me


Reply by Barbara mellish on August 31, 2013 at 19:45
Accidentally deleted:

Thanks for replying Elizabeth
I have looked at whitepages.com got a couple of addresses which I have written to, not had a reply yet.
I'm in England so phone calls very expensive.
It maybe the family not wanting to make contact, as my aunt Maud was taken away when her mother died. She was only 8 at the time in 1922, my mother (her sister )never saw her again.
I believe she went to live with one of their aunts on condition there was never any more contact with her.
I have searched for years,then found someone with her name in their tree,on Ancestry.com they told me that she had moved to Australia. The sad thing is that my mother has now died before I could find out about her sister's family. Thanks again Barbara


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