I'm having trouble finding information about my Aunt and her family who moved from England to Queensland in the 1950s
I tried immigration and naturalisation however it did not find them,I also have my Aunt and Uncle and a son on electoral registers in Queensland 1954 to 1980, now I have hit a brick wall
Is it possible to find more recent electoral roll information 1980 onwards from National Archives for Queensland please
I would be grateful for any help


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Barbara,  Electoral roll information can be found in some libraries in Australia - we are no longer permitted to view electoral rolls for family history purposes at the electoral offices themselves

Have you tried searching the phone directory online ?  www.whitepages.com.au



Barbara,  Do you know which state of Australia they moved to as the records for each state are kept separately?  It would help if we had the Aunts name as well - I wonder if they changed her name after they arrived?

I have been unable to find her arrival as yet

If you had Mauds parents names it may help


Hi Elizabeth,
Maud married Edwin in 1940 they had 2 sons Leo in 1941 then after the war Christopher in 1948.
In early 1950 they moved from Yorkshire England to Queensland.
A friend who has World Wide Ancestry found Edwin and Maud on electoral registers from 1954 then1977/1980 Christopher is on at a different address with his wife.The addresses all seemed to be near to Brisbane. That as much as she could get.
Anything to help me make contact with one of the sons would be fantastic,so that I could confirm they are the right family. Regards Barbara

Barbara,  I have checked the Brisbane Cemeteries and there is nothing listed for the parents

Of course they may have moved after 1980

I will see if I can find anything and will let you know

Have you checked the phone directory online for one of the sons?




Barbara,  I have found what appears to be Christopher's wife Clair.  Leo appears up to 1963 in the electoral rolls living in Queensland and then disappears - I cannot find a death for him in Queensland or NSW and dont know what happened to him

His parents show up in 1998 phone directory in 139  Tewantin, which is on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland - these cemeteries in the Sunshine Coast are not online so you may need to contact the council for any records - I think that address may be a Nursing Centre in Noosa area

Electoral rolls after 1980 are available in some libraries in Australia - you can no longer go to Electoral Offices to do family history research

The family arrived from London to Brisbane in 1952.




Elizabeth, Thank you so much for the information, sorry I didn't reply to your first message it arrived 2-30am.
When the time difference is right I'm going to give the number for Clair a ring.

I can't believe my search may soon be over after so many years, just sad my mother is no longer with me to share her sister story.
I will let you know as soon as I have made contact.

Do you live in Queensland ? Isn't this new technology wonderful to think we are able to talk to each other like this thousands of miles apart.
Many Many thanks Barbara

Barbara,  I am hoping that Claire is the right lady as an unusual name

I think the internet is wonderful how it puts people in touch from the other side of the world via email

Let's hope that she will be able to help if she is the right person



Thanks Elizabeth
I have sent off 2 e-mails this morning to different addresses for the yacht club ,so fingers crossed for reply's.
Thank you once again


Barbara,  I was wondering if you had any luck with those emails to Claire?


You have found the right family for me
Just got a reply from Claire on Friday I have been away for the weekend so just picked up your message and Claire's
It seems that Claire and Christopher have divorced,married for 23 years with 2 children. Christopher has remarried, he has no contact with anyone in Australia not even his children..
Godfrey,Claire has no contact for him, she does have photographs which she will send to me, she is away on her yacht for a couple of months so will send them to me when she get home
Whether I can trace Christopher,Claire wishes me luck sounds very bitter. Than you so much for your help I will let you know as soon as I have more information. Barbara

I have now made contact with Christopher's wife ,he is away on business ,I will speak to him later
Maud didn't speak about her childhood much said that she was brought up by an aunt because her father had remarried and spoke of a cousin called David whom I do know of .i have met his son however he did not know anything about Maud

Barbara,  I am very pleased to hear that you have finally made contact with the family & hope that Christopher can give you some more info when he gets back



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