how can I find out if Arthur Justin Hutchinson from tasmania was in the first intake at Duntroon Are records of attendance available?

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Hi Ann,

Have you done a search on the online collection for the national archives and seen a copy of Arthur's Records? 77 pages!


Looks like the Australian War Memorial holds some private letters relating to Arthur


Further mentions of him, his service and a photo are as follows;"arthur justin sanford"&searchLimits="arthur justin sanford"&searchLimits="arthur justin sanford"&searchLimits=



Thankyou very much for your help
I am new to this and appreciate your advice
Cheers Ann

Hi Ann,

If you look on Trove 1st Feb 1912 Examiner newspaper, it has a little piece on A J S Hutchinson, talking about him gaining entry to Duntroon, it mentions that the successful candidate from the previous year was also a Church Grammar school boy. Therefore he must have been in the second intake (autumn term?). Duntroon was officially opened 27 June 1911.

Are you related to the Hutchinsons, or is your interest mainly related to Duntroon?


thanks Sherryl,

A friend's great uncle  was never recognised in the Tasmanian records as he didnt join a tasmanian corps ,so just trying to track down his history 

cheers Ann 

Hi Ann,

What do you mean by "was never recognised in the Tasmanian records"?  Records of enlistment and service were not kept locally but were held at the Victoria Barracks in Melbourne regardless of where the soldier came from.

Arthur is memorialised on the monument on the Lyell Highway at Gretna - such a beautiful spot


Ann,  Also found Arthur mentioned on this link

I am doing a biography for Arthur on the RSL online site which is a co-incidence - if there are any stories the family would like included on the site please let me know

Will have to see if his photo is out of copyright in the War Memorial - that previous site has used it & copyrighted it which doesn't seem right - I would like you use his photo in his bio

Just found him mentioned here as well


p.s. that image is out of copyright and in the public domain so I can use it and list the source - wonderful


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