I was searching for my mum-in-laws service in the Land Army at Batlow, she was proud of three things in her life, that she was a Cobie (Cobcroft), that she served in the Land Army in Batlow and of her children, it is very distressing that we are unable to show the Land Army badge on her grave because we and/or the Dept of Army are unable to find her records

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The National Archives holds the service records of women who served in the AWLA in NSW in our Sydney office. To request the AWLA personal service records, please use the reference inquiry form at http://www.naa.gov.au/info/forms/fam-inquiry.aspx.  A reference officer will search the records to see if records exist for your mother-in-law.


Each member of the AWLA, upon enrolling for continuous service, also received a service record book. These were given back to members at the end of their service and recorded promotions, leave, conduct, and discipline.





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