In the wider genealogy community I have heard numerous complaints about how much it now costs to have a WW2 war record put online

I agree and would have to pay $150 for my Father & his Brother WW2 records which is an exorbitant fee to charge - especially for pensioners & low income earners ($75 each)

Is there going to be any discounts offered to Pensioners as now these records are out of their reach & even for people who are not on a pension

Not everyone can get to Canberra to view them in person - it would be a 10 hour return trip for me which is out of the question

I can imagine how much this huge increase is putting people off requesting these records so the NAA thinking the cost would pay for putting them online won't be realized if no one can afford to get them any more

It is so sad that we now have to miss out on getting our relatives war records because of this excessive cost - My Dad died 3 years ago so I cannot ask him in person

I call on the NAA to review this decision to charge so much - please consider what effect this is having on people who need access


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Hi Elizabeth,

I know this post is almost a year old, but I thought I would post an update.

If you are not already aware, NAA recently reduced our copying charges for these records from $75.90 per record to $39.90 per record. We hope that this will make digital copies of our records more accessible fo rteh community.

More information can be found on Fact Sheet 51 - Copying charges.


NAA Staff

PS - apologies for the typo in my post above. I can't seem to edit the post to fix the mistake.

NAA Staff

Andrew,    Thanks for your message - no I was not aware of the change in fees for accessing WW2 records

Can I ask you how I can find out how many pages are in my Fathers & Uncles WW2 records as going by the above link if they are over a certain amount it will still cost $75 -


Hi Elizabeth,

We don't actually count the pages in an individual record. The charges are determined based on the average size of files within a series. Most WWII service records contain 10-50 pages, so we've decided that they fall into the "Small-medium" category.

As such, the charge for these records is $39.90, regardless of the individual size of a particular record.

Hope that helps,

NAA Staff

Andrew,   I am sorry but I didn't get a notification of your reply so apologies for the delay in replying to your message

I have now ordered both my Fathers and his Brothers WW2 records and I want to say a big thank you to the NAA for reducing the expense of obtaining these records

Both my Father & his brother are now deceased and the family would love to know more about their war service as the talked very little about it

Thank you National Archives for your consideration



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