Is it correct that a digitial copy online for a persons WW2 record now costs $75.90 ???

I thought previously they cost about $17 to $20 approx. or is that just for WW1 records

If correct this seems excessive & it will take at least 3 months to come due to relocation of records - is there a cheaper way of checking a persons WW2 dossier?



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Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your message. As part of the move to provide more of our services online, the price changes will enable the cost-recovery of digitisation and ensure greater digital access to the collection in the future.

All of our World War I records and Navy Service records have been digitised.

You have the option to view the original records in the reading room they are located, at no charge. For an update on our relocation progress please see the following link.

National Archives Preservation Facility

Thank you,

Leslie (Archives staff)

Leslie,  Thanks for your reply - so the only cheaper way is to go to Canberra and view the record in the Reading Room?

Unfortunately this is a 5 hour drive & the cost of getting a digital copy is beyond my resources - I also wanted to get my Fathers record but at a cost of $150 plus for the two records it is out of the question

Rather disappointing as this cost will affect many people who need to get copies of their relatives records for Family History Research as it is prohibitive


p.s. I did a google search & found there is a reading room at Chester Hill in Sydney - would WW2 service records be available at that facility?

Hi Leslie

I understand the delays given the relocation but completely agree that this price is exorbitant.

Like Elizabeth, I have paid for digitised records in the past and accept that this service comes with a fee.

However, the 'cost-recovery of digitisation to ensure greater digital access to the collection in the future' should not equate to a huge barrier to historical research.

Your own website states: "Like all government agencies, the NAA is accountable to the Australian people." That doesn't mean sending us an account!

There is clearly a huge disadvantage for all Australian researchers outside of Canberra. How will this inequity be addressed?

Thank you



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