I am researching my grandfather (George Bell NX45413) service records. I did a search on this site and it shows 10 documents. If I request a printed copy do I just receive these 10 documents or might it contain others as well?

Also where can I find out where he was stationed when he was on active service in Australia?

thanks Penny

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Dear Penny,

A print copy of George BELL's service record (B883, NX45413 [item barcode 4894985]) would comprise a printed version of the online copy you mentioned.

You may find our 'Researching war service' guide helpful. It provides other sources of information, such as unit war diaries, which state when and where a unit served.

I hope this information proves to be of use to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the 'Ask us a question' page of the Archives' website if you have any further questions.

Stewart (NAA staff)

Penny,   The entry in the nominal rolls on the Australian War Memorial gives a few more details - you can also print a certificate from this site




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