I have found a 1942 Shilling coin with a hole drilled in it, and the reverse has been ground smooth, then engraved with the following. 1st line is - 103552 - 2nd line is Poole. J. 3rd line is - C of E - and 4th line is "04"  Is this likely to be the property of a serviceman or woman and if so, how can I trace him/her?  It would be nice to offer the coin to any descendants.  Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Terri,   I checked the Nominal Roll for WW2 and there is a match which may be the person you are looking for  - her name is Joan POOLE

Her service number was 103552 and she served in the Royal Australian Air Force


I have found her birth in 1915 in Western Australia - she was born as Joan HEBBARD so POOLE is her married name

she married Stanley POOLE in WA in 1938


Terri,  on further research Joans husband Stanley POOLE died in 1940 after an accident and she remarried a Thomas A LENTON in 1945

Joan LENTON nee HEBBARD formerly POOLE died in WA in 1970


bit more info on Thomas LENTON


bit more info on Joan



Thank you very much Elizabeth - this is fantastic!  I'll look through this information more closely when I have some more time and try to contact her family.  Again - much appreciated.


Terri,  Let me know if you need anything else checked later on

Glad to be of assistance - good luck



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