I'm looking for my grandfather who left Italy Naples (or surrounding area) by ship in 1959.  He was a refugee from former Yugoslavia (Istria).  I would like to know what happened to him. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Claudia,

Please submit an inquiry to our reference team by using our online inquiry form (http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=03ImmiRef), and we can investigate this for you.

Kind regards,

Andrew Cairns

National Archives of Australia


NESICH, Claudio. Born in Zambrattia, Istriaon July 21, 1937. Passed away on April 19, 2015at T. Q. E. H. aged 77 years. Dearly loved husband of Bruna, and wonderful father and Father-in-law of Tony and Irena, Marisa and Stephen. (dec)Adored Nono to, Lauren, Jessica, Alexandriaand Stephanie. Loved Brotherand Brother-in-law of, Guiseppe and Domenica, Nilda and Tory, and family. Riposi in Pace


Thank you for the information.  It came as a surprise, but at least now I know about him.  Is it possible to have a picture of him and more information on how he passed away and the cemetery he's buried (or cremated).  As I live in Canada, I would at least google the cemetery on Google map. Thank you so much about your help. 

I could only find information about his service, but haven’t been able to find him listed in one of the Adelaide cemeteries. I suspect that he could have been cremated.


If you are reasonably sure that this is the correct person, you could try to contact his Australian family for more information or photos. I can’t find any residential information just yet, but there is a Tony Nesich who has lived in South Australia (now in southern NSW?) on Facebook and he seems to have his partner and some of his daughters amongst his FB friends.  

Thank you so much for all your help.  There is no info on how Claudio Nesich died?  Or his daughter's married name?  Thank you, again for the fantastic detective work.

Son Tony is the only firm lead and there is a fair bit online for him and his daughters. Claudio’s wife should still be alive, but has vanished (from experience, often this happens when people are in e.g. an aged care home). And, I have no bright ideas regarding the daughter.

There is a 2016 obit for Claudio’s sister-in-law Domenica, but it does not give any clues for Claudio’s family. Domenica and husband Guiseppe are both buried in Centennial Park (see findagrave or http://www.centennialpark.org/memorial-search/?surname=nesich  ).


Claudio’s funeral notice mentions “donations to Leukaemia Foundation”, but it is anyone’s guess what his actual cause of death was.

I am sure that this is the right person. Of the limited information I had of him it seems to match with the one given in the death notice: such as, being born in Istria, Croatia, The wife name being Bruna and his age matches the age I thought he would be. 

I have sent a "friend request" to Tony Nesich, but I have yet to receive an answer.  Is it possible to find the daughter's married name or the address given to the funeral home for the donation to the Leukemia Society? 

 Also, if you can tell me of other ways to find out something more  about Claudio's life, I am willing to investigate.

 Thank you so much for your continuing help,

 Claudia Di Cintio



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