I'm trying to locate records of my grand-Father who worked in the CCC during WWII. I am not sure of the exact dates. Information on where he worked, what projects he was involved in, etc would be most interesting.

I have found a record where he applied, unsuccessfully, for workers compensation after the war, but nothing of what he did during the war in North Qld.

Any help/pointers would be appreciated.

Cheers ...............

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I know little of what the CCC did in NQ, but it seems they were called upon to do all sorts of civil works. Just west of Paluma, Mount Spec, there was a large timber cutting camp for the CCC, felling timber for the war effort. Families and single men lived there.

Members of the CCC were also called upon to selectively clear vegetation around the concrete igloos that housed RAAF radar station No. 58..

I've found some items in the national archives that relate to the CCC. Series B5281. See attached.

I've learnt something too - I had no idea that CCC workers were sent o9verseas!

Good luck



Hi Malcolm

State Library of Qld holds these books about the CCC or Allied Works council.

General information and conditions concerning the Civil Constructional Corps, State of Queensland / Allied Works Council.


and another titled:

The History of the Queensland Main Roads Commission during World War II, 1939-1945


The Allied Works Council reported on an annual basis of their activities


A search of NAA using "allied works council" or "civil constructional corps" brings up a few compensation claims although most are not digitised.

PS I worked in Northern Territory Library for many years and we dealt with many questions about CCC and AWC.

Regards Gaynor


Further to previous message you may be interested in reading about the Compensation plan.


or more information from Townsville bulletin of the time. 


You could also search for your Grandfather's name in Trove - you may be surprised by what can be found.



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