Hi all, i am trying to trace my wife's grandfather, we know him as james george sue or go sue chun, he arrived in 1880-1901 and had a fruit & Grocery shop on melbourne street brisbane around 1905, he lived for a long time on montague street west end brisbane. Any information would be greatly recieved. cheers russell webber.

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Russell,  There is a death in the Brisbane area on the Queensland BDM Index online as follows which might be him?

James George SUE

died 29th December, 1966

father Go YEE

mother Wong SEE

Reg. no. 1967/B/86392

do those parents names fit?


Hi Russell

(copying this from an earlier thread which you also started).

I'm hoping that you still receive notifications.

I'm the owner (for about 20 years) of the house at 430 Montague West End, Brisbane which was previously owned by George Henry Sue from 1933 to (what I believe was his death) in 1986; then inherited by a person who I believe to be his brother (Eric Victor Sue) before being sold soon after. I believe that he rented it from 1930 before buying it. I came across your post while trying to research the history of the house (which I'm deep in renovating, hence the interest).

From what I can see in seemingly-matching death record in a Queensland BDM search, he was probably the son of George James Sue and Florence Emslie and that father may be the person who you were searching for.

I'd appreciate if you got in touch as we may have some mutual interest here.

Please contact me on 0423 579 188 or scott.gordon@qimr.edu.au


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