My name is Ray Verdon I am trying to find infomation about my great,great grandfather.

It apears that on any or all documents birth cert ect he only ever put his mothers name and a birth date of 1834 in Parramatta, I can not find any record of this.

I have found that a Mary Verdon convict, arrived in 1834 on the Andrometa single mother with 2 male children.

What I would like to know did her children stay with her or were they put into care,if so were they kept togeather,were would I find a record of their names so I can say with a degree of certainty that James Verdon is the son of Mary and my great great grandfather.

I have tried many sites with no luck maybe someone can point me in the right direction. 

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Dear Ray

The National Archives holds records created by the Commonwealth government, most of which date from 1901 onwards. If you want records about convicts, you need to go to the relevant State Archives:

For NSW convicts:

The Director State Records of NSW
2 Globe Street
The Rocks

Tel: (02) 9673 1788
Fax: (02) 9833 4518

Western Sydney Records Centre 143 O'Connell Street


For Tasmanian convicts:

The Manager Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office 
91 Murray Street

Tel: (03) 6233 7488 Fax: (03) 6233 7902







Hello Ray. I am the youngest daughter of Helen, eldest daughter of Herbert James Probine and Gladys. I see that you are busy researching.....I am sorry I don't know much as our mother doesn't know anything either about your family. Herbert had a second family with Gladys (unmarried?) We do know that yes you are right Herbert is buried in the Bundeburg Cemetary, however Gladys died some years later and was cremated. Best of luck with your search! Rachael (New Zealand)

Hi Rachael thank you for your reply
yes I am also looking at the Probine family my mother was the daughter of Herbert with Margaret [Nicholas ] 2 children Lester & Beryl as luck would have it Robyn has moved to Leeton near me and we have been talking she did say that her mother had older B & S I will be going to see her soon and hopfully get more information

Yours Ray Verdon


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