I'm trying to help my brother, McGaughey, Joseph Mark,  get the proof he needs to apply for Australian citizenship. Since the original passport he was on when we arrived 31/12/1967 is long gone, immigration said they would accept the records for my parents where he is listed on the back of the card as accompanying child under 16.

My parents records are there in digitised form, but the record for us boys says "not yet examined"

When I go to the record for McGaughey, Joe Brooking, and bring up the digitised form, select "request a copy", is this what I need? Is this different than a "passenger record" ?

Will what I receive be a certified copy suitable for immigration and naturalisation?


Paul McGaughey

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Hi Paul,

The record under your father's name is already digitised so 'request copy' will just be to purchase a hard copy.  You would need to 'request copy' on the index entry for your brother - McGAUGHEY, Joseph born 7 January 1960 - nationality American and then you will have both.

'Not yet examined' just means that it has not yet been checked for sensitive material before being publically released.

The NAA have a specific form called "Proof of arrival request form"


I think you would need to contact the Dept of Immigration to first confirm that this is the only record that you need and also ask if your father's record alone would be adequate. 

Having said that, do they need a hard copy issued by the NAA with an official stamp?



Thank you Debra,

I did speak to someone at Immigration, and they said that certified copies of both parents records showing him as a child under 16, together with a letter explaining the circumstances, would be OK. I'm assuming they would want something with an official stamp on it. Maybe this is what I want, since my other brother Robert, might finally decide to get naturalised as well. Neither has ever held a passport or travelled outside of Australia!

However, if I can get a Proof of Arrival for him alone, or get him to order it himself, maybe that would do it. Is there a sample somewhere of what that resulting document would look like? Immigration has a request form for Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status, $100, which may be what they prefer, but I wonder if they are just referencing your Proof of Arrival form, since the questions are almost identical.

I'm curious, does "not yet examined" mean the record has been digitised? How come if I try to request a copy of his record the site wants me to create an account as a researcher, but if I go the Proof of Arrival route, there is no such requirement?



I've had no response at all from NAA, so my brother sent in the Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status to immigration. They rang back after about a week and said he could get the information from NAA, so we are still running around in circles.

The NAA never gets back to you about any request, and Immigration passes up on a payment of $100 to do the hard work for us and passes the buck back to NAA.

Has anyone ever successfully managed to get a certified Proof of Arrival from this site?


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