hello I search the list of cemetery in Sydney in 2003

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There are many cemeteries in Sydney - too many to list - which death are you looking for?



hello I'm looking Mroslav Duranovic death in 2003 sydney born on 09/08/1933 in Bosanski Brod

I have checked a few of the main cemeteries in Sydney without success - if you are related to him you could get a copy of his death certificate and his burial information should be listed

It all depends on what part of Sydney he was living in when he died and it is possible he may have been cremated & wouldn't be listed in cemetery records

Do you know what religion he would have been?



My father lived in Lakemba NSW there were born in Bosnia herzebovine I think it was catolique

 In 1980 he was at 1/5 Phillip Street Lakemba with William.  There is a B Duranovic still at that address per current white pages.  Are you sure he died in NSW. ?  In 2000/01 there was a M DURANOVIC living at 135 Fegan Drive Moorooka Qld. 

www.whitepages.com.au  Phone directory online for Australia (all states)




my sor Linda Duranovic have written to me last year that my father Miroslav Duranovic
died in 2003 and since I board more news I hope it is nothing happen
for me it is dificult to communicate in Australia because I am in France will you help me
thank you


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