Arrived from France about 1897 into Brisbane/Sydney. Believed to have jumped ship although no record of being a mariner. Have searched various spellings.Married Emma Ann Abbot,Catholic, no children. Lived with Alice Prichard 1911 to 1939 when he died.Many children.

Where can I find his arrival please?

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Noelene,  If you have good eyesight his naturalization records might have the ship of arrival

This is the feedback section of the National archives - might be better posted on the lookup forum instead


Noelene,  Not sure if you have read this reply - I sent you a message via "friends request" as well with no luck so trying another message - hope you receive it this time


Thanks Elizabeth. I got all his info from NAA. Noelene

I have no idea how this site works! However I got all his info from NAA. cheers, Noelene

Noelene,  You should have got a notification that you had a reply but sometimes this doesn't happen

Pleased to hear that you have the info you need -



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